Kelisa Car Tyre oh Kelisa Car Tyre

Today my wife car kelisa puncture and my wife still continue to drive.

So the tyre tear off and have to replace a new one. 

Model Kelisa 1.0

SIZE: 165/60/R13. 

Price: RM 125
Fixing RIM: RM 50

A check in the internet for 2006 April Price:

Below is the detailed bill:
Tyre Fixing = RM20
165/60R13 GY GT3 = RM460 (RM115 per piece)
4 PCS Discount = RM10
Value package service = RM20
Tubless alloy valve = RM10
Trade in 13" - UT = -RM120
Camber Nut = RM25 (my right wheel alignment got problem)
Subtotal = RM405
Card = RM2
Total = RM407