Reflection on 2013 and Looking forward on 2014

This is what I set in 2013:

Looking forward for 2013:

1) Be a good papa  for my daughter and son as well as husband for my wife. 2013 will be a challenging year for me because my wife may quit her job.
My reflection:
1) Good papa is very difficult, my daughter stick to me a lot. She follow me go to toilet. I have loss a lot of free time. My wife didn't quit her job.

2) Continued with my phd. Hope to have some progress.
My reflection:
2) Phd not much progress as I focus on preparing for my promotion application. I need to submit 1st year report in 2014.

3) Break even in share market but I think should be a bit difficult due to election for Malaysia. 
My reflection:
3) Portfolio not much improvement but do learn a lot of trading, control emotion, control greediness, never chase at high.

Apart from that:

New asset:
- bought a condo at Venice Hill Cheras. 1st step to property investment.

New friends:

2014 resolutions

Career Plan
- Continued with my Phd, able to finish 1st year report
- Involve in new role, hope to get the promotion with increment

Health Plan
- Monitor my Cholesterol level
-       Have to eat BG-OAT or Quaker Oats

Wealth Plan

- refurbish the Venice hill condo and try to rent it out with positive cash flow. Current rental RM 1k
- Share Portfolio continue to grow by 10% 
-       Acquire 1 more medium cost apartment with positive cash flow