3 steps become WEALTHY oh 3 steps become WEALTHY

As 2014 New Year is coming, we should be achieve better financial literacy. This article very good in helping us to be better financially.

3 steps to become RICH or WEALTHY:


Spend Less - I always spend less from my salary. I spend about 30% from my salary when I am single. But now I am married with 2 kids, I spend slightly more about 45% of my salary and save 55% of my salary. How I can do it? Live frugally example: 
a) Drive a proton iswara car (2nd hand car, bought at 18k, never have a new car before, this is my 3rd car)
b) Seldom buy new clothes for my Daughter and my Son, I get all 2nd hand clothes from my Colleagues and Friends, All I have to do is "THICK Skins" and ASK.
c) Seldom buy new TOYS for my Daughter and my Son, I get all 2nd hand TOYS from my Colleagues and Friends
d) Milk powders, I bought from Chinese Herb store which help me SAVE RM 5-8 per can

Earn More - How to earn more except from my salary? I am doing a Phd to further increase my value. This is being dragged too long due to family commitment. Anyway, I do submit application for promotion in 2013 although my boss discourage me and advice me to submit next year. If I succeed, then I will EARN MORE. Let's wait and see in January or February 2014.

Build Wealth Wisely - Through stock investment and property investment. In 2013, I step out a big step in property investment by buying a condominium at Venice Hill, cheras. My portfolio in 2013 is breakeven. Overall I am satisfy with the learning or donate school fees in stock market. I have done a few mistake:
a) Greedy - Kulim-WC , L&G LA, WCT-WC
b) Chase on HIGH - SEAL