TNB change of tenancy oh TNB change of tenancy

This TNB damn KANASAI,

1st Visit - TO take the Form nia, their online portal show the wrong form, this is the correct form:

2nd Visit - DUE to cut off Date of New Bill, so I can not change tenancy in the system. WHY you never inform me???

ASK me to come 3rd Time, will my 3rd time be successful????

If I have to take leave to do this errands, mean I have to take 3 days leave, celaka. Luckily I am flexi hours.

1) Prepare a photocopy of your IC and a photocopy of your Sales and Purchase Agreement (only important page like names, unit address and signatures)
2) Go to designated TNB Outlet for your premise (call the Careline if you're not sure where)
3) Obtain the form to change name
4) Fill in on the spot and go to the counter to get number to begin the process
** Do prepare money for the deposit/cagaran, RM10 stamp duty for TNB and RM3 processing fee.