Kelisa car tyres oh Kelisa car tyres

Today I help my wife to change 4 rim, previously is 13" now change to 14"

Used RIM from Axia - RM 250

Silverstone Power blizt
Tyre 165/55R 14" RM 132.50 ( should bargain more on this..., hv to let people earn a bit)

Initially he charge me RM 140 per tyre

Total damage RM 780 using credit card no charges including balancing and alignment and valves.

Semenyih Falken ZE 326 RM 110 + RM 5 Valves

Falken ZE326 - RM115 Weng Heng Bukit Kemuning (July-14)
Falken ZE326 - RM118 Excellent Speed (Kepong) (Jun-14)
Nexen Npriz - RM125 Weng Heng Bukit Kemuning (Apr-14)
Toyo Tranpath MPF - RM200 WSK Sri Permaisuri, balancing + alignment + valve (Jan 2014)


I just change the tyre on

Why I ended up change so many?

Initially I plan to change 1 tyre RM 125 because it is old tyre 2011.

But after I check the other tyre also crack a bit.

Instead of change 2 new tyre RM 250

I add in RM 530 to get 4 NEW tyres and 14" RIM.