New Year Resolution 2017 oh New Year Resolution 2017

Today is the last day of 2016.

What had happen on the last 365 days of 2016?

1) Health
- Back pain and neck pain quite frequent
- Plan to swim more frequent - failed tremendously

2) Investment
- Share - not good, actually quite bad
- Futures, mainly FKLI - breakeven, start with 10 k, end up as 10 k, picking up new skill to trade
- Property investment - currently I have two properties,
1 venice hill condo rented out 1 k per month
1 low cost flat rented out RM 420 per month
Both also need to chase for rental payment.

3) Study PhD
- force to withdrawal due to my health.
- No motivation
- Family commitment

4) Work
- not much, still the same, Boss change already, hopefully will be better

5) Family
- Daughter go to standard 1, Son go to Kindy 5 Green Fun Gate Systems

6) Friend
- getting lesser and lesser due to family commitment

2017 New Year Resolution?
Still focus on the 6 above. As long as HAPPY.

This is what I wrote down for 2016:

1) Focus on share investment and break even which is a challenging year. Failed.
2) Brush up my chart pattern reading skills. 50 %
3) Rent out my low cost flat at RM 500. Estimated to get key in March. Done, but at 420
4) Get a better tenant for my Venice Hill condo. Current tenant really give me a lot of problem. Done, from Nigeria Tenant to Chinese Tenant
5) Additional Debt Car Loan of RM 750 per month. Done.
6) Exercise and live healthily. Failed