Paint oh Paint

Recently I need to repaint my house for the crack. So I go and survey the paint.

Paint can have different grade.

We have a lot of brand.

Cheaper brand - 5 liter RM 80 - 100 ( Pearl Glo paint)

1) TOA - from Thailand - no 1 in thailand
2) Federal paint
3) KCC

Expensive brand - 5 liter RM 110 to 140

1) Nippon
2) Jotun
3) ICI dulux

1st time - I bought Federal Paint Royal Glo- 5 L Debuntant 3332 RM 85

2nd time - I bought Jotun paint - M/O S0515-G40Y 20 L cost RM 381.60 ( bought from
20L is cheaper divide by four, for 5L cost RM 95.40, If buy 5L cost RM 111.50

Really Jotun paint quality better than federal paint, odourless.

I bought Majestic Optima.

Majestic Optima

Delivering eternal protection and a luxurious sheen finish for your home; Majestic Optima is specifically designed to meet the standards of modern day interior design. As a result, the smooth and even finish brings out your home's true beauty.

Product type:
Interior Paints
Area of use:
Wall, Ceiling
Premium All In One
Luxurious High Sheen
100% free from APEO, Formaldehyde and Heavy Metals
Dual Protection with Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal
Cover Hairline Cracks
Ultra Low VOC
Low Odour
Easy Clean and Lasting Colour

Wah, 1 L cost RM 38

5 L is RM 133.95